Macau casino operator MGM China announces changes in top-level management

Macau casino operator MGM China announces changes in top-level management

Macau casino operator MGM China announces changes in top-level management

Following the departure of MGM China Holdings Limited’s long-time CEO Grant Bowie on May 31st, the Macau casino operator is going to see significant changes in its top-level management.

In an internal memo sent to the company’s employees, MGM China’s co-chairperson Pansy Ho Chiu King declared that changes would take place in the company’s management as part of its preparations for a fast recovery removal of border restrictions that were placed to curb deadly corona transmissions. It is also worth-mentioning here that talks on easing travel restrictions among Macau, mainland China and Hong Kong are underway, but ongoing political instability in Hong Kong could ruin the efforts. The violent protests were triggered last week after China tried to restrict the Special Administrative Region’s autonomy by putting an end to the “two systems, one country” way of managing things.

In the memo, Ms. Ho wrote, “Grant had left us for retirement. I would like to thank him for his years of hard work and dedication to the MGM China group. The changes to MGM China’s management would take place shortly, in preparation of a fast recovery once the border restrictions are lifted and for the application of the 2022 gaming license renewal.”

Chief financial officer Hubert Wang, who is also serving as the president of hospitality, will reportedly be appointed as the company’s president as well as chief operating officer. He will be responsible for supervising the company’s business development, casinos, technology solutions, hospitality as well as security.

Chief strategic officer Kenneth Feng will be appointed as MGM China’s president, strategic and CFO responsible for overseeing finance, marketing, internal audit, human resources in addition to design, development & property operations.

Antonio Menano, the casino operator’s secretary and general counsel, will take additional responsibility of surveillance and security systems divisions.

The corona virus pandemic has had a sweeping effect on the casino operator. The pandemic forced authorities to issue strict “stay-home” orders, forcing entertainment venues like casinos to temporarily suspend their operations, which caused them huge losses. Ms. Ho, in the internal memo, admitted that MGM China had never seen such a devastating pandemic before. The decision to make drastic changes in the top-level management is part of the company’s efforts to meet new demands of the changing world and adjust to new challenges in wake of COVID-19 scourge.