South Jersey Congressional candidate wants Federal support for Corona-hit Casinos

South Jersey Congressional candidate wants Federal support for Corona-hit Casinos

Brigid Callahan Harrison

Brigid Callahan Harrison, a congressional candidate who is in the race to represent South Jersey, has suggested that the federal government should come forward to provide assistance to casinos during as well as after the corona-virus pandemic

Harrison said she believed that President Trump’s administration should do more to support Atlantic City’s commercial casinos. She stressed that the notorious corona virus pandemic forced each and every casino across the nation to suspend its operations, which threw hundreds of thousands of employees out of work.

The Democratic congressional candidate, who is seeking to replace incumbent Republican representative Jeff Van Drew as the House Representative for the city’s second congressional district, alleged that the federal government has thus far failed to support the casino and sports gaming industry. She added that casinos would not be able to see big crowds for many months to come.

Speaking on the topic, Harrison said, “Here in South Jersey, our chances of recovery are so very slim because of the nature of the industry. Even if casinos open, it’s hard to imagine crowded casino floors and people going to concerts. It’s going to be like that for six months to a year.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses across the globe, including casinos, to shutdown. The prolonged closures left the entertainment venues to suffer hefty losses. DiamondJacks Casino in Louisiana recently confirmed that it decided to close permanently due to adverse business conditions. Last month, Nevada-based Lakeside Inn casino became the first casualty caused by corona virus pandemic. Many more causalities could be reported in near future.

Harrison suggested that casino companies should also be eligible to get federal government’s payroll support grants, while affected casino workers should be provided with extended unemployment benefits. Currently, they are eligible for unemployment benefits for thirteen weeks, seasonal workers should qualify for the federal weekly unemployment supplement of $600.

Harrison, who is currently serving as a political science professor at Montclair State University, alleged that President Trump is playing favorites with some industries, such as airline industry. It is worth-mentioning here that the airline industry of the nation received $25 billion in assistance from the federal government, in addition to loans worth $46 billion for the airline companies. It is also worth-mentioning here that President Trump once owned and operated casino businesses, and many of his largest donors are from the casino industry.