South Jersey Congressional candidate wants Federal support for Corona-hit Casinos

Brigid Callahan Harrison

Brigid Callahan Harrison, a congressional candidate who is in the race to represent South Jersey, has suggested that the federal government should come forward to provide assistance to casinos during as well as after the corona-virus pandemic

Betting on your mind, Plan your Bets Responsibly

Betting on your mind, Plan your Bets Responsibly

Try your luck but always bet responsibly. Some basic rules should always be followed in anything related to betting, sports betting, gambling, lottery, cryptocurrency trading or stock market investments.

Never take a loan to play your betting games. This should only be done with the money that you are ready to forget about, in case the bets don't go as planned.

Even in stock market investment or trading, you should always HOPE FOR THE BEST but PLAN FOR THE WORST.