Phoenix woman arrested in connection with Desert Diamond Casino kidnapping case

Phoenix woman arrested in connection with Desert Diamond Casino kidnapping case

Phoenix woman arrested in connection with Desert Diamond Casino kidnapping case

A young woman from Phoenix has been taken into custody in connection with her alleged role in helping a gang of criminals who kidnapped and robbed two female gamblers outside the Glendale area-based Desert Diamond Casino on 13th of January, police confirmed.

Lisa Gomez, a 28-year-old resident of Phoenix, was arrested following a police helicopter chase. She was later slapped with multiple charges, including kidnapping, aggravated robbery, armed robbery, and drug possession, for her role in the kidnapping of the two women who had recently won some cash at the casino.

Last month, 38-year-old Phoenix resident Isaac Castro Gonzalez was arrested in connection with the same abduction case. Gonzalez has since been behind the bars without bond on multiple charges, including impersonating a police officer, kidnapping, and armed robbery.

According to police detectives, Gonzalez and his accomplice followed two women from the Desert Diamond Casino at around 2 am on January 13th. The suspects stopped their SUV with their own unmarked ‘police’ car that had a blue light flashing on it. The suspect, then, forced the two women out of their vehicle, restrained them with zip ties, and placed them in the rear seat of the SUV. One of the suspects drove the SUV, while the other held their heads down so they could not see where they were being driven to. The women were forced to disclose their PIN numbers. Their cell phones, credit cards and purses containing at least $3,000 in cash were snatched.

The victims were released after 5 am. Soon after being released, the women somehow called law enforcement and informed them their abduction and robbery. They also revealed a female accomplice of the criminals followed them inside the casino, apparently after she saw that one of them won $300 while playing a game on a slot machine. When law enforcement officers arrived, one of the two victims still had zip ties on her hands.

Gonzalez was identified after police detectives went through video clips captured by the casino’s surveillance cameras. He was arrested on 15th of January; two days after the crime took place. Police revealed that Gonzalez is a member of the Phoenix-based notorious Border Brothers gangs.

Police also revealed that Gonzalez was on probation following arrest in a weapons violation case. The Arizona Department of Corrections had released him in September last year, and he was supposed to appear in court on January 13th so that a judge could sentence him charges of drug possession on January 14th.